Stacy Sweat Designs

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Fresh and innovative graphic design is what you can expect with Stacy Sweat Designs. SSD specializes in thoughtful design that integrates both print and digital solutions, specializing in infographics and corporate communications. Clients include The University of Chicago, The University of Chicago Medicine, The Ounce, The Fred Rogers Company, Harvard University and Crain Communications.

From 2014-2016, Stacy Sweat was on special assignment in the Office of the President at the University of Chicago. She designed a range of projects including the submission for the Obama Presidential Library bid. Her global experience includes on-site graphic design consulting in China for the University of Chicago Center in Beijing and in India for the University of Chicago Center in Delhi. 



Capabilities include

Publication Design

Stacy Sweat Designs creates annual reports, books, magazines and publication redesigns.


SSD creates social media graphics, digital ads, brochures and communication materials.


Stacy Sweat Designs provides PowerPoint presentations with infographics, video and animations. 

Infographics and Illustration

SSD provides maps, charts, diagrams and illustrations to communicate complex data and ideas.


Event Design

SSD can provide the visual identity for events including invitations, signs, presentations and stage design.

Logos and Lettering

SSD designs logos for companies, events and organizations, and creates hand lettering.